Don’t be afraid to ask!

December 15, 2008

I was unhappy with the service at “the world’s local bank”, so I cancelled all my accounts with them and merged the money with my accounts at another bank.

I don’t know what to do with the money at this economy, I just set up term deposit. I wanted to set up a ladder system with several accounts, so that there is always one maturing. Just for emergency, you know.

The financial advisor at the bank told me that they provide redeemable term deposit. It is in my best interest to put the whole chunk in one account for six months to earn a higher interest. There is no penalty at all, as long as I keep at least $1000 in the balance. The interest will be calculated accordingly at redemption.

I don’t understand! I mean, if the product is really that good. Why would they offer 30 days term? After an hour, I still don’t understand why they would offer various products if they are all redeemable. Wouldn’t someone just put all the money at 5-year-term for high interest and withdrawal anytime they want? There has to be a catch!

I read the fine print when I got home. Aha! Here’s the catch! If I redeem before maturity, the interest is only 0.25% for that portion. How pathetic! I would have set up the ladder system if I knew.

As a former Math Olympiad geek, I hate when people talk to me like I’m stupid with numbers. But I should have asked more questions! Until I fully understand it! 😦

Oh well, maybe this is going to be good for me. It’ll keep me from spending my savings.


“Pennies do not come from heaven. They have to be earned here on earth.” — Margaret Thatcher

I got the flu shot today

December 11, 2008

Flu shot always give me some muscle sore, but it is still better than getting the flu.

NPR did a story on the benefit of flu vaccination. Even if you are not concern with your health and the health of people around you, there is a financial gain in flu shots:

“Colleges now are typically between $15,000 and $25,000 a semester,” Doyle says. “If someone is sick for two weeks, you can gut the core of your semester. You can have to redo or dump your courses for that time period — and lose $25,000.”

But there is a cheap insurance policy against such a devastating loss: a $20 flu shot. Some colleges and universities offer them for free.

Maybe $25,000 is a bit extreme, but missing a week of productivity is definitely more than $20 for anyone. Besides, flu shot is completely free across Ontario.

Tomorrow’s Gas Price

December 10, 2008

When you’re at the pump, don’t you just wish you know the gas price of tomorrow? I mean, should I fill the whole tank, or should I wait for lower price?

Thanks to Dan McTeague, a Member of Parliament, you can peek into the future!

You will find it very useful if you live in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal. It is gas price tracking site call Tomorrow’s Gas Price, Today. It informs you the gas price for tomorrow by 4pm today, so you can decide if you want to wait a little. It is a great tool for all drivers.

Link: Tomorrow’s Gas Price, Today

Updating resume

December 9, 2008

Today, I’m updating my resume. I haven’t looked for a job in 7 years and a lot has changed.

The computer programs used in the trade are different now. The interface are very similar, but I don’t have confident in saying that I am expert. I mean, how do you quantify your program-using skill anyway?

When I was in university, it was popular to print your resume on very thick texturized marble grain paper like those used in wedding invitation. I feel that they might be lame by now. I want to use ultra smooth, extremely white, high density paper. Better make it part-recycled.

I know I am ultra picky on the appearance of my resume, but you have to know that I am in design business. I know a guy who went to a not very good college, he studied web designing. He printed his resume for me to show to my boss. Never mind that he didn’t format it properly, they were printed on thin note paper with 3 pre-punched holes! The ones kids use for taking notes in their classes. I was shocked! In the end, he never got a job in design. He blame racism, but I am pretty sure it was the cheap paper.

I say I’d spend at least one week on the resume alone. It is important for getting your feet in the door.

December Goals

December 8, 2008

  1. Update resume.
  2. Update portfolio.
  3. Get the flu shot.
  4. Donate to Toy Mountain.
  5. Donate to the food bank.
  6. Open a high interest savings account.

When you are unemployed, the only responsible thing you should do is to look for a job ASAP. But I’m really not in the mood right now, I’m having a migraine attack.

No, it is not just a little headache. It doesn’t go away with an aspirin. Migraine is a neurological condition that has many faces. Right now, it feels like someone is squeezing the back of my left eyeball using pillars with every pulse. The left side of my face is numb, my muscle aching all over. Bright light shines pain in my eyes and right into the core of my spine. I just want to sit still in a dark room.

I tried to see my doctor yesterday. No one pick up the phone, so I drove there. I couldn’t believe it, he closed down. Or maybe he moved? I’d expect Ontario Ministry of Health to inform me when my doctor goes under. What’s going on? Am I in the Twilight Zone in which he never existed?

Oh well, I didn’t like him anyway. I only visit when I need prescription drugs, which is like every 3 years. I try not to see him because he is a snob. He laughed at me for asking him to write a prescription to buy Lac-Hydrin, which was required when I lived in the US. He kept selling me paying services like removing scars. I don’t feel comfortable with physicians who are also salesmen.

But I should get a new doctor. Can’t make money without my health.