Cooking – an essential money saving skill

December 18, 2008

I was running some numbers on my groceries in November. I can’t believe it! I spent $537.48 on groceries, and $161.46 eating out! 😦

My brother eat out even more. That would add another $200 to the total. $900 on food for 2 people. 😦

From CBC news:

…many modern consumers are seeking quick fixes and are stuffing their pantries with comfort convenience foods.

Take, for example, the rise of Campbell’s Soups stock as the economy teetered on Sept. 29 — the one stock in the S&P Index that rose as 499 others fell. In October, U.K.-based Marks & Spencer reported sales of bread and butter pudding increased 15 per cent while sticky toffee pudding sales rose 10 per cent.

According to British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, this phenomenon in part reflects the larger issue that many people simply don’t know how to cook. In early November, Oliver appeared before a committee of MPs and called for more government investment in food education. He noted in the past when the economy receded, families knew how to prepare nutritious but inexpensive meals.

That’s it! I have been buying more convenient food. This is a wake up call. Why do I buy store prepared salad for $12? Even if I am too lazy the wash, the bagged salad are only $3, I only have to add olive, cheese, and dressing. Why have I gotten so lazy?

I have already spent about $300 this month on food. Hopefully, we can stay within $500 this month.


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