Over Buying

December 17, 2008

Do you repeatedly run out of toilet paper at home? Or do you stockpile toilet paper at every corner of you home?

I grew up in the home that was filled with toilet paper. I was pretty annoyed that my closet was invaded by toilet paper. My mom called that saving for emergency. I wondered, when the zombies attack, what good would a year’s worth of toilet paper do?

Now that I’m older, I’m turning more and more like my mom. I just realized that I have 7 months worth of toilet paper in my home!

Stockpiling toilet paper is probably not worth the savings. Each square inch of you home is with something. If a 2,000 SF home in Toronto cost $300,000. A 2’x4′ closet would be valued at $3,600!

OK, having too little makes me nervous. I resolve to have less than 3 months worth of toilet paper, toiletries, detergents, cleaners.


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