Updating resume

December 9, 2008

Today, I’m updating my resume. I haven’t looked for a job in 7 years and a lot has changed.

The computer programs used in the trade are different now. The interface are very similar, but I don’t have confident in saying that I am expert. I mean, how do you quantify your program-using skill anyway?

When I was in university, it was popular to print your resume on very thick texturized marble grain paper like those used in wedding invitation. I feel that they might be lame by now. I want to use ultra smooth, extremely white, high density paper. Better make it part-recycled.

I know I am ultra picky on the appearance of my resume, but you have to know that I am in design business. I know a guy who went to a not very good college, he studied web designing. He printed his resume for me to show to my boss. Never mind that he didn’t format it properly, they were printed on thin note paper with 3 pre-punched holes! The ones kids use for taking notes in their classes. I was shocked! In the end, he never got a job in design. He blame racism, but I am pretty sure it was the cheap paper.

I say I’d spend at least one week on the resume alone. It is important for getting your feet in the door.


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